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Almost Hit by a Meteorite

In the video above, a skydiver was almost hit by a meteorite falling through Earth’s atmosphere.  There is only one person in recorded history, Ann Hodges from Alabama in 1954, to ever be hit by a meteorite and that was off of a bounce.  With all of the people that have lived throughout human history, you have a better chance of being hit by a tornado, hurricane, and a lightning bolt all at the same time than you do to be hit by a meteorite.  Impactors hitting Earth let off an enormous amount of energy compared to the size of the impactor.  An impactor with about a 4 meter diameter hitting Earth would let off the same amount of energy as the atom bomb that was dropped over Hiroshima.  The crazy thing is that impactors of that size hit Earth about every 0.9 years.  There are just so many areas of Earth uninhabited by humans that it rarely affects our lives. The chances of catching something like that on film in the video above are extremely rare.


2 thoughts on “Almost Hit by a Meteorite

  1. Wow, I cannot believe this skydiver just happened to be in the exact right place and looking in the exact right direction to see a small meteorite fly right past him!!! The odds are so slim it’s actually hilarious to even consider. I can almost guarantee that something like this will not be caught on camera for decades if not centuries if not a millennium.

  2. One question that I have about this fact of the 4 metre meteorite hitting Earth is: does the entire 4 metres of the meteorite actually make it down to the Earth’s surface? Shouldn’t some of it burn in the atmosphere as it comes down? Because if meteorites released as much energy as an atom bomb every 0.9 years on the Earth’s surface that would be big news.

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